Afro Costa Rica

Voices from the Community: Real Stories of Impact and Change


At the heart of the Afro-Costa Rica Information Initiative are the voices and experiences of the community it serves. This article shares real stories of individuals within the community of African descent, showcasing the initiative’s transformative impact.

Personal Stories and Testimonials

Stories from the community, like Maria’s discovery of her passion for Afro-Caribbean history and José’s journey with mental health resources, are powerful testimonials of the initiative’s positive impact.

Real-life Impact

The initiative’s impact is evident in community pride, identity, community bonds, and participation in cultural and social activities. It has played a role in breaking down barriers and fostering greater understanding and inclusion.

Future Aspirations

These stories inspire ongoing efforts and future projects, driving the initiative to continue its work with renewed commitment.


“Voices from the Community” is a mosaic of lived experiences, challenges, triumphs, and dreams. These narratives embody the spirit and purpose of the Afro-Costa Rica Information Initiative, guiding its future direction.

Picture of Layli Brown Stangeland

Layli Brown Stangeland