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The Global Journey of the Afro-Costa Rica Initiative


The Afro-Costa Rica Information Initiative, in its ambitious third phase, transcends national boundaries to connect with communities of African descent worldwide. This global journey is an expansion of the initiative’s scope and a quest to create a network of shared experiences and wisdom across continents and cultures.

Global Vision and Impact

This phase extends the initiative’s reach beyond Costa Rica, engaging with communities of African descent from the Caribbean to North America, Europe, and Africa. The goal is to foster a global dialogue that enhances understanding, solidarity, and collaboration among these diverse communities. Sharing experiences and strategies, the initiative seeks to address common challenges and celebrate victories on a global stage.

International Collaborations

Partnerships with international organizations and communities are key. These collaborations involve knowledge and cultural exchanges and best practices sharing. In each region, the initiative connects with local entities with similar goals, amplifying the collective impact and ensuring a cohesive global approach to issues affecting communities of African descent.

For example, interactions with cultural groups in the Caribbean enhance understanding of diasporic connections, while European collaborations provide insights into advocacy and policy-making. Connections with African communities deepen the historical and cultural understanding of the African descent experience.

Fostering Worldwide Unity

The ultimate goal is to foster worldwide unity among communities of African descent. By highlighting commonalities and celebrating differences, the initiative aims to build a global network for collective action, cultural exchange, and mutual support, transcending geographical and cultural barriers.


The international odyssey of the Afro-Costa Rica Information Initiative is more than a project expansion; it’s a global vision where communities of African descent are connected, empowered, and celebrated. By casting its net wide, the initiative broadens its impact and strengthens the global tapestry of African descent heritage. In this journey, the initiative invites the world to join a shared mission of empowerment and unity.

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Layli Brown Stangeland