Afro Costa Rica

Strengthening Ties with Indigenous Communities


The Afro-Costa Rica Information Initiative, in its second phase, aims to deepen the connection between communities of African descent and indigenous communities, demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity and recognizing their shared histories and futures.

Collaborative Content Creation

This phase emphasizes collaborative content creation, bringing together representatives from both communities to co-develop educational and informational materials. These materials, ranging from history lessons to contemporary discussions, offer a comprehensive view of their shared legacies.

Language Expansion

The initiative expands its linguistic scope to include indigenous languages like Bribri and Cabécar, moving towards inclusivity and acknowledging the linguistic heritage of indigenous communities.

Build Solidarity

The goal is to forge stronger bonds of solidarity between Afro and indigenous communities through shared projects, cultural exchanges, and educational initiatives, addressing common challenges and amplifying their voices in national and regional policies.


Phase 2 of the Afro-Costa Rica Information Initiative is a step towards a united future, fostering collaborative content creation, expanding linguistic diversity, and building solidarity, setting a precedent for diverse cultural groups working together for mutual understanding and collective progress.

Picture of Layli Brown Stangeland

Layli Brown Stangeland