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          In an era where connections are vast, yet divides run deep, Layli Brown unveils the Afro-Costa Rica Information Initiative. With its roots steeped in Afrocentricity, this endeavor seeks to bridge the vast knowledge divide impacting Costa Rica’s marginalized Afro-descendant communities.

         By harnessing the strength of information, the initiative aims to illuminate rights, resources, andhistorical legacies, all while echoing the nation’s rich tapestry of cultures and languages.

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The struggle of afrodescent communities
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Empowering Afro-Costa Rican Communities through Information and Education
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Building Bridges: The Afro-Costa Rica Initiative's Approach to Unity and Knowledge Sharing
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A Deep Dive into Costa Rica's Governmental and Autonomous Bodies Aiding Communities of African Descent
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Celebrating Cultural Diversity: The Afro-Costa Rica Initiative's Multicultural Tapestry
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Strengthening Ties with Indigenous Communities
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The Global Journey of the Afro-Costa Rica Initiative
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Wellness and Mental Health: A Core Focus of the Afro-Costa Rica Initiative
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Voices from the Community: Real Stories of Impact and Change
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Jan André: A Torchbearer in the Fight for Afro-Costa Rican Rights
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Ciudad de Cahuita Ley #35 de 1915
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Puerto Viejo Ciudad Ley #166 de 1935
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Exp: 05-016470-0007-CO
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The Caribbean Spirit -Preserving Our Heritage and Ancestral Rights
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Our Goals

Illuminate the rights, treaties, and decrees pertinent to Afro-descendant communities, closing the information gap.
Foster unity between Afro and indigenous populations through collaborative knowledge-sharing.
Create an all-encompassing educational platform – designed for Afro-descendants by Afro-descendants – celebrating Costa Rica's multicultural and multilingual heritage.
Guide the community towards beneficial resources, governmental structures, and organizations.
Distribute resources on wellness, mental health, and education to nurture informed and healthy communities.
By tapping into innovative technologies like AI and avatars, the project aims to deliver information freshly and engagingly, aligning with the SDGs. These culturally authentic avatars, coupled with dynamic educational platforms, interactive forums, and feedback mechanisms, ensure sustainable and scalable learning.
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Our Communities

Elevate Afro-descendant Communities

To truly empower, one must understand. And so, the project embarks on documenting the intricacies of various governmental and autonomous bodies in Costa Rica. This deep dive reveals a wealth of benefits

Strengthen Ties with Indigenous Communities

Collaborate with indigenous groups to address mutual legal concerns.
Integrate languages like Bribri and Cabécar to widen the initiative's reach.
Forge deeper connections between Afro and indigenous communities.

Unveiling a Global Vision

The International Odyssey of the Afro-Costa Rica Initiative

     Our aspirations know no bounds. With the world as our canvas, phase three embarks on a journey that spans continents, drawing insights from global Afro-descendant communities. From the Caribbean’s heart to North America’s vibrant centers, to Europe’s historical cities and the ancestral land of Africa, our mission is to connect, share, and grow.

     In each region, interactions with key organizations amplify the initiative’s global footprint while capturing invaluable insights.

     This odyssey broadens the horizons of the Afro-Costa Rica Initiative and stitches a global tapestry of Afro-descendant heritage, fostering worldwide unity.